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The property is zoned for the following mixed commercial uses, but is not limited to the below:

1. Arcades, billiards/pool parlors, bowling alleys, indoor recreation centers and gynasium/spas/health clubs.

2. Commercial or trade schools, including dance and martial arts studios.

3. Department stores and other retail stores.

4. Funeral homes and mortuaries.

5. Automobile accessory and parts stores and hardware stores without outside storage.

6. Grocery stores, convenience stores with or without fuel facilities and specialty food stores (such as meat markets and bakeries).

7. Hotels and Motels.

8. Service businesses such as blueprint, printing, catering, tailoring, travel agencies, upholstery ships, laundries/dry cleaners, and light mechanical repair       stores (such as camera, tv or bicycle repair shops).

9. Restaurants, with drive-through facilities.

10. Theaters and auditoriums.

11. Retail plant nurseries.

12. Veterinary offices and animal hospitals.

13. Financial institutions with drive through facilities.

14. Self Storage facility with accessory uses including apartment for on-site security or management.

15. Covered boat and RV storage where stored items are not visilble from the public ROW or from surrounding property owners.

16. Building, farm and garden supply facilities.

17. Car Wash facilities.

18. Service, and repair, including body shops, road services for boats, automobiles, farm equipment, motorcycles, and recreation vehicles with no outside         storage or maintenance visible from the public ROW or surrounding property owners.

19. Sheriffs' sub stations, EMS station or other public use facility with potential use of the adjoining FAA licensed airport.

20. Aviation related businesses such as aircraft operations, hangaring of aircraft, maintenance, instruction and training.

21. Emergency service activities such as buildings, garages, parking and/or dispatch centers for ambulances, fire, police and rescue.

22. Sales and rental of new or used automobiles, boats, farm equipment, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles with outside display of items for sale only.

23. Day care facility.

** Please let us know if you do not see your intended use listed and we can help facilitate this approval.

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